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The Firm

Blythetax The Firm

The firm is owned and managed by Jonathan Blythe and we do our best to keep things simple. Don’t be confused by ‘BlytheTax’ this is the Blythe & Co website and email address only.

We have five people (above!) looking after:
612 Individuals
124 Limited companies
65 Unincorporated businesses
53 Trusts

We have left the picture with Rebecca who is never far from our thoughts. She sadly died in October 2020.

We do this with up to date software, systems and controls. In addition we are fortunate enough to be able to call upon the expertise of Frank Newell our former tax manager (and old colleague at Stoy Hayward).

We like our existing clients rich, poor, young and old. We have been growing consistently since 1987.

We are a small firm but as described on The People page there are five of us with a good mix of experience. We all participate in regular planning meetings, we all have ideas, we all talk and we all listen.