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Fee protection from Blythe & Co

Blythe & Co have been offering fee protection through CCH since 2003.

This is the insurance that covers the cost of our fees in the event of HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) enquiring into your business or personal affairs (provided the Tax Returns are submitted on time by Blythe & Co). We believe that CCH Premier Protection continues to meet your ‘demands and needs’ protecting you against our fees for dealing with (where applicable) a tax investigation, enquiry, dispute, VAT review and Employer Compliance matters such as PAYE, NIC and P11D. We consider CCH to be good value and that the level of cover and terms & conditions are appropriate. In addition, having used them since 2003, we have first hand knowledge of their efficient and fair claims process.

This insurance comes the Professional Helpline. We frequently use this facility and, where appropriate, we often refer clients direct for advice and support – our own experience and the feedback from clients has been very positive here. We continue to recommend Fee Protection.

If you would like this cover, or would like further information including the Key Facts document which explains the cover in more detail, please contact Rebecca in the office by email: rebecca@blythetax.com or phone: 020 8876 1097.