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Making Tax Digital

All the hype and preparation! Now it’s been put back two years and not just that, rather than affecting Self Employed and Landlords with total income (before expenses) in excess of £10,000, from April 2026, only Self Employed and Landlords with income above £50,000 will be required to follow MTD rules. For those with income over £30,000 it will be from April 2027. No mention of the under £30,000 cases. That’s where we are – unless it changes!

Self Employed – Re-Basing!

Inspite of the 24 month delay to MTD, there is no change to Re-Basing – please see our 2023 ‘Budget’ Report in the Comment section.

The Office of Tax Simplification

After overseeing 12 years of tax complication, the Office of Tax Simplification has closed (we think) – shame, I will no longer be able to direct people there from Platform 9 and ¾…

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